Connection worries



Can anybody help please.
My system is as below and I'm trying to connect things up in the most functional way.

TV has 2 scart inputs (one is RGB)
Sky digi box has 2 scart outputs
DVD recorder has 1 scart input and 1 scart output
VCR also has 1 scart input and 1 scart output
I have connected them as follows:

Sky box output 1 to DVD recorder in
Sky box output 2 to VCR in
DVD recorder output to TV AV1
VCR output to TV AV2

My terrestrial reception in terrible as we live in a valley so we tend to watch most programmes through Sky digital but I have also connected the coaxials as follows:

Ariel in to DVD recorder in
Coaxial from DVD recorder out to VCR in
Coaxial from VCR out to TV in

Is this sensible? The remotes get a bit confusing!!
Does anyone have any better idea?
How do I get best use of the RGB functionality?
A friend told me that I should have a scart lead going directly from the Sky box to the TV but if I do that I run out of scart inputs i.e. I only have one left for the DVD recorder and the VCR.


Ian J

You have set it up exactly the way as mine, with all of the RGB devices daisychained to make use of the better picture available from the one RGB enabled scart socket on the TV

You may find life easier with a Pronto instead of all of your remotes.

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