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I am looking for connection suggestions for the following setups. I am no expert but I am after the best picture from the DVD, then Digital and finally PS2.

I was thinking SCART -> SCART for all three inputs into the TV. I am thinking of getting a optical cable from the PS2 to the DVD for the best sound. I have read (somewhere on the forum) that composite is best for picture?

Sony KVFX3266
Sony DAVS550
Sony Playstaion 2
Pioneer OnDigital Box

Any help would be appreciated.



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I think you are getting mixed up between component and composite connections.

Speaking as a relative novice in the field the connections in order are.

1 component
2 scart using rgb output
3 svhs
4 composite

Component uses three leads to seperate the red green blue
compiste uses one lead to carry the picture and is quite naff to be honest.

If all your equipment can output a rgb signal via the scart lead and your tv has enough sockets then that would be the best way I think to set your system up.


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