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Connection recommendation for multiple devices to Sony 36FS70

Discussion in 'TVs' started by AndyFox, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. AndyFox


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    Want to pick a collective mind about the best way to connect a potential purchase to existing AV environment.

    TV: Sony 36FS70 - 3 Scarts on rear. From memory SCART 1 is RGB, SCART 2 is Smartlink with CVBS and SCART 3 is CVBS and S-VIDEO ( enabled in service menu )

    Video: Sony SLV-820 - 2 Scarts on rear, 1 of which is Smartlink

    DVD: Lecson 1000 - 2 Scarts, RGB, S-VIDEO and CVBS capable

    Cable: NTL - 2 Scarts CVBS and RGB capable

    TIVO: RGB in and VCR in

    Got all the above connected optiomally ( I think )
    TIVO on TV Scart 1
    VIDEO on TV Scart 2
    DVD on TV Scart 3 ( S-Video settings )

    NTL into TIVO and VCR

    So the question is - thinking of adding Freeview to the equation to allow taping/watching of alternative channels when cable is in use etc.
    Can obviously go with any freeview box but the Sony VTX-D800U seems to be great option as it also has smartlink which suggests it can control the Sony VCR, thus making recordings off freeview dead easy.

    So a) is the Smartlink going to work with the SLV-820
    b) assuming a) is OK what will be the best way to cable all this lot together to get best picture in the majority of the time.

    Thanks for all your suggestions/help in advance.


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