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Connection Question

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by rforey, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. rforey


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    Hi all!

    Planing to get my first AV system very soon (Sony HTDDW840S) and was hoping you guys could answer a question about connecting it up before I splash out.

    I've got a Philips 28" widescreen TV (28PW662B/05) with 3 scart connections. Now, having lost the user manual I'm not sure how many of these support RGB, but I believe it is only AV1 and AV2 that do. My current set up is AV1 on Sky, AV2 on DVD player (Pioneer DV-717 I believe) and AV3 on Video, with Nintendo 64 on channel 2. I've read that I should connect my Sky TV-out to my DVD-In and then connect them both to AV1 so that I get RGB form both, but as I am pretty sure AV2 has RGB support anyway I connect them seperately.

    My question(s) are such:

    (1) If I do connect both my DVD player and Sky to AV1 do I use the digital connection from the DVD player to the receiver to hear sound from both the DVD and Sky? If this is the case, will I need my DVD player switched on constantly to hear sound from Sky?

    (2) If I do not connect Sky to the DVD player and keep it on AV2, which audio connection should I use from Sky to the receiver? Do I hear it through the TV's connection to the receiver, do I connect it to the 5.1 phono inputs or do I do something else?!

    Any info's much appreciated, as you can probably tell I'm a bit confused!! :)


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