Connection question for ipod touch (A1431)


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The captioned ipod has a bluetooth transmitter which works fine connecting to a pair of remote BT speakers when not docked.

When the device is plugged into a docking station with speakers the playing through bluetooth is stopped. I would like to know if this feature can be turned off so that the device can remain docked and charging etc but not playing through the docking station speakers.

I am also seeking the simplest way to connect the ipod device wirelessly to an AV amplifier. Bluetooth is available on the AV amplifier but I am not sure about range. Wifi is also available on the AV amplifier and is the preferred method of connection but I have no idea if the ipod can send audio through wifi. I know it can obtain media data from its wifi connection but sending to another device by wifi does not seem to be documented.

Grateful for any help or suggestions that will solve my problems.


That's 5th generation iPod? I can't remember the menus on those but I assume the docking station plug being inserted switches to the docking station as though they are headphones. That also switches off BT as a source. You don't want it to play at all? Can't you just stop it playing or turn it off and it will sit and charge?

iPod and Wi-Fi is all about Airplay 2 capable devices I suspect. So no you can't play to an AV receiver that doesn't have the Apple ecosystem Wi-Fi sharing capabilities built-in. If it has BT then you can use that as a connection - not straight wi-fi though. BT has a maximum range of 10m pretty much by design.

Does the docking station have an audio out that can be connected to an input on the AV receiver? Not wireless unfortunately.


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Hi and many thanks for the excellent answer. No there is no audio socket on the docking station and I had a recollection about Apple ecosystem. Don't use it myself, hence the question. At least I understand the options. I think I will look for a cheap dumb charging station and then use BT.
Many thanks once more.

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