Connection problems ?



Hi gents,

Anyone got any connection schematics, or back of fag packet drawings of connections into these screens.

Will firstly apologies for the lack of knowledge but am glad I've found this place. Have a Panny TH-42PHD5, A Pioneer DCS-100 DVD system and a bog standard VCR. I'll upgrade when I save some more pence. My question is, I am using the Svideo input (single RCA style) from the DVD to the screen this gives me fairly good DVD playback. In order to get TV I have a scart adapter on the VCR that splits into 3 RCA style connects. I use the video one to go to the screen. The issue I have is I have to keep swapping the screen lead between the DVD and the VCR. Will the JS box solve this issue of having to swap the cable ?

Thanks guys



as you have found out you cant use the s-video and the composite video imputs at the same time
yes a js converter will help this all you have to do is decide what you want to convert too?
i use a rgb to vga converter for ntl
this leaves component for my dvd and s-video free at the moment

the vga box gives a good picture i would suggest this one as when you have the funds you can upgrade to a dvd player with component output?

just check first that what the tv signal is first as i am not sure the vvcr is rgb?(maybe wrong though)

what are you using for a tuner or tv signal?

hope this helps

ps if you give me your email addy i will send you a pic and a sketch


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your suggestions. At the moment only using the VCR for TV signal nothing else. Cant get Freeview in my area yet or get Sky installed so have to stick with the bog standard TV. Crap hey. Have moved into a new appartment block where cant put any dishes up. Need to look to getting a shared one if anyone knows anything about Sky distribution to 80 appartments ?

[email protected], the sketck would be great thanks


AFAIK no VCR's can output RGB.
The only connection for the VCR is composite (unless you get a S-VHS video), but the DVD should have RGB.
Would suggest connecting DVD to plasma by JS RGB>VGA box. VCR to composite (only option).
With the above options if you get $ky/cable/freeview you can use the JS box to connect it to plasma and leaves component free for future component DVD player.


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