Connection problems With VCR and OnDigital Box


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Aug 23, 2001
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Friend's just bought a new cheapo LG vcr (LV 9000 I think).

Connected from the 'Decoder# scart on vcr to the 'vcr' scart on his OnDigital box which is in turn connected to the rgb scart on his TV..


He can now no longer get RGB from his OD box (stb), only composite.

Also (and more annoyingly) he cannot record on a terrestrial channel on the vcr and watch a digi channel at the same time!
The TV will not change over to EXT1 for the stb whilst the vcr is even switched on and on a terrestrial channel.

I tried using a scart lead with pin 8 cut and the vcr will either not play at all through the scart or has a right benny and constantly toggles between analog and the digital channel depending on where I put the snipped scat lead in the chain :confused:

The vcr remote has a 'TV/VCR' button which according to the manual seems to be what I'm looking for but doesn't do anything.

What should be a simple vcr/stb scart set up (which I have done plenty of before) has turned into a real PAIN!

Any ideas?

Does the VCR have a setting to try and control a STB? It sounds like it is taking over control and therefore will not work independently of the OnD box. Check the menu and see if it can be disabled.

I don't think so but i'll have another look tomorrow.

I've tried both scarts on the vcr.

The vcr is LG and I think the TV is Sanyo or Sharp with one scart.
To record terrestrial analogue you need to have an RF connection to the VCR -- is this present ?ie aerial into On D box which is then looped through the VCR to the TV.
I believe it's also possible to loop the RF through the video first and then connect it to the STB.

As far as the RGB problem is concerned does the STB have any form of Scart Control in the menu similar to NTL stbs and also ,I believe , Sky boxes?
Yes the RF is looped to the vcr via the stb.

I'll try connecting the RF into the VCR first as you suggest.

My mate rang me yesterday and he now gets no playback at all from the vcr!

I'm going round tonight to have another look.

Incidentally, why would cutting pin 8 of the scart (which was connected bwtween the vcr and stb) prevent playback?

As far as the RGB problem is concerned does the STB have any form of Scart Control in the menu similar to NTL stbs and also ,I believe , Sky boxes?

No, just composite or RGB option.
The rgb option is still there and can be chosen but it remains in composite.

I think i'll take my Freeview stb round to try as I think all the problems stem from the OD box.
Still no joy so resorted back to good old RF for recording and playback.

I'll say one thing about RF, it may be a lousy picture bit it's unfussy and it'll never let you down!

(or is that three things?)

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