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I currently own a dvd player/surround sound system (sony dav-s880), a projector (infocus lp530), plasma screen (hitachi 42pd3000), an x-box, and a sky digital box. I was wondering if i could please trouble anyone to please give me some step by step instructions as to how to connect them all.
I would appreachiate any help possible.
Many Thanks
Many thanks for your response, and sorry i did not specify how i wanted them connected. What i would like, is to be able to watch the tv on the projector from the sky box, whilst using the surround sound on the DAV aswell. The same applys to the x-box.
As far as connectivity goes, the DAv hosts Component output, s-video out, composite video in and out, digital audio in and analogue audio in and out. Availible from:

The connectivity for the hitachi 42pd3000 is 3 scart ports all out. Progressive scan component input, Composite out and s-video out, Phono audio out and centre channel input. Availible in more detail from:

And finally the connectivity for the Infocus lp530 projector can be found at:

I hope this helps,
Many thanks again
i think you will need a component switch box, DAV component to switch, going to Plasma and PJ Xbox into switch, and RGB> VGA box for both or RGB>YUV for both
ie 3:1 then 1:2 select source on 3:1 then Display on 1:2 manual switching cheap as chips, electroinic Expensive!
Thanks for your suggestions, unforunately i dont understand some of the technical terms used by hornydragon, could you please simplify your solution for me.
Thanks again
The only way in which i think i may be able to do it, is to connect the sky to the plamsa screen through a scart plug and the same for the x-box. Then connect the dvd player with the surround sound to the plasma screen by using the RCA audio output (component) and then connect the projector to the plasma screen via then Component video out on the plasma screen.
get all sources to component using appropriate leads so you have 3 RCA ends for each, Plug these into a 3:1 Component switch allowing you to select the source IE 1 is DVD 2 is Sky 3 is Xbox. Connect Xbox via optical to DAV for sound and Sky via L+R Audio ouputs for sound, all sound through DAV system the take the output of the 3 component switcher into a 2 way component switcher/Splitter Output 1 to Plasma output 2 to PJ easy!
XBOX >YUV lead with optical audio out>-- ------------>Plasma
RGB Sky>YUV convert>-----------------{Swicth}-{splitter}
DAV>YUV>->------------------------------------ ->PJ
Sent you a private message as approx 7:40pm
Many Thanks For Your Help Sam

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