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What I want to know is this! If I have ripped a copy of one of my DVD's to my hard drive using Clone DVD and any DVD software, I then have a image that contains a 5.1 DD soundtrack. If I then Burn that image onto a blank DVD disc i get a good nearly as good copy of the original that I can play as normal through my AV system.

When I am lazy and just want to watch the movie straight from the PC I do. The picture is great but only 2CH audio. I have a bog std onboard sound that has no DD decoding or any digital outputs. So I have to use mini 3.5mm sigle jack to 2 RCA jacks, hence 2CH stero playback.

So the question is if I get a good sound card that offers a optical out, can I then connect this to my AMP and get the orginal 5.1 sountrack from the image stored on my Hard drive?

I have heard of S/PDIF. Is this a better option? I would prefer optical as my DVD player is connected this way.

Thanks Guys :hiya:


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Andyuk911 said:
I have excellent sound via Maudio 192 S/PDFI
Could you maybe explain how that card works and how it is hooked up?



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Well reslly simply, just install the card and drivers and use a digital cable to sound processor.. I use Lexican

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