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Well I have finally set up everything, bit not sure it is correct.

I have a

VSX920 Amp
BD35 Blu Ray
DMR EX87 DVD Revorder

Currently I am going from the TV to the amp out, dvd from the out to an amp in, and blu ray from the blu ray out to the blu ray in on the amp.

The TV and dvd are supposed to work on one click recording, but I cant get this to work, should they be connected directly? IE not through the amp? On playback will the sound still go through the amp though?

Getting a little confused here and am willing to learn with some help....:lease:

Oh yes currently for TV it is coming off a TV aerial onto the TV and using the freeview, should this go through the amp?

Thanks in advance

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At present your DVD Recorder's freeview tuner is not getting a signal. You need to connect the aerial cable (flylead) from the aerial/wall socket to the RF in on the DVD Recorder. Then connect another cable from the DVD Recorder RF out to the RF in on the TV. That should feed both tuners with a freeview signal. If you want to record from the TV (not sure why you would) you would probably need a SCART connection between the two.


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Well sort of got it working. I can only watch the TV through the DVD recorder. I thought the idea of the RF out into the TV would enable me to watch the TV direcly. Sound is all working fine..


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You should be able to watch the Freeview tuner as normal as the RF signal is simply passed through to the TV from the RF out. Is there no signal on the Freeview tuner on the TV? Have you tried retuning?

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