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Okay guys,

I thinkIm starting to get the hang of the connections.....

For my DVD player, ( Pioneer 717) I use a gadget to convert scart RGB to componment

For my Pace digibox (cable) I purchase a gadget to convert scart RGB to VGA

But what about my hardly used componments, my laserdisc player ( but still loves, esp for starwars triology and a couple of concerts) and video player ( will will source as a terristal unit if cable goes down on me.

Whilst I could use composite video ( the yellow phone hole!) could i use a scart to S-video and use my yamaha as a video switching box. I could use my yamaha to do this with composite, but would the quality be better if i could convert scart to s-video?

Would I need anothe gadget to do this?

Yours slightly less confused.


"OOps, I think Im missing soemthing here, does your DVD player need to be componment cabable,or will the gadgetry convert the RGB into Componment signal? Additioanlly, regarding the scart toSvideo leads, I thinkI need to purchase Scart to S video Out cables, and not Scart to S video In cables? Can soem one please confirm my recent findings!!"


Previously Liam @ Prog AV

you can use scart to s-video if the device is able to output s-video via it's scart socket. For the VCR this is more likely to mean composite only i'm afraid. However, I have a funny feeling the Yamaha Amp can take composite and s-video and output both on s-video. So using it as a video switcher would be easily possible (although the VCR will still only be composite quality), I would check this though in case i'm lying!!

If you can't convert the signal in the Amp you still have options: there is a small inline composite -> s-video (and vice versa) converter you can use to convert all signals the same for the amp. Or you could use a ProV which can take s-video and composite video and output VGA. It can also pass through VGA (in this case the digibox scart to VGA). Bonus with this option is that the ProV is also a tuner.

As for the scart in or out cables, the direction refers to the scart socket; so scart to s-video "in" means out of the s-video device and into the scart socket. Also for the RGB - component converter the DVD does not need to be component it just needs to be RGB (via scart usually), you can also get a scart to RGBHV converter which would take up the same three component channels plus the two sync ones (assuming you go for the Panny!!).

So to summarise (it's a long post!):

DVD -> Plasma via component (or RGBHV)
Digibox -> Plasma via VGA
Laserdisc and VCR either via Yamaha and into s-video on plasma or via ProV and into VGA (leaving s-video socket free on Plasma).


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Thanks Liam,

Slowly I think Im getting there.

I think it is a case of buying the plasma screen (hopefully), and the RGB to VGA and RGB to componment ( for this to work, does the DVD player need to be able to output componment (via scart), mine doesnt i think) gadget and connect them.

After that, just experiment, in conjunction with this forum on the LD and Video problem via the A1. The A1 can switch composite and S video, but it has a monitor connection for both composite and video. After all I cant remember the last time I used these sources recently!

Videotech in Oxford, used to be able to add an S video link to LD players, but Im not sure for the use, the outlay warrants this conversion.

So how cheap are your plasma's Liam ?!?!?!?!?!!? :D And how long is the 0% option for???? :D :D



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Sapper, I might be missing something here, but why do you need both converter boxes? Can't you loop the RGB SCART from your Pioneer through your digibox or vice-versa? That way you would only need one converter and only use up one input.



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Originally posted by phil_evans
Sapper, I might be missing something here, but why do you need both converter boxes? Can't you loop the RGB SCART from your Pioneer through your digibox or vice-versa? That way you would only need one converter and only use up one input.


Lets try again, my PC craqshed as i pressed the submit button!

My DVD has two scarts, but I presume they are both outputs only.

My PAce cable Digibox also seems to have two scarts ( from Pace's web site) but for output only. I cannot see if one is input for facilitate in daisy chaining.

As i can detemine, here at work I have a Di4000 digibox.

I shall see tonight if it says anyhting on the box.



Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Daisy chaining is definitely an option but for some of our clients there have been problems with recording from the digibox whilst watching DVD through it i.e. the digibox doesn't know whether to display whats being recorded or whats on the DVD!! I don't see this as a common problem but wouldn't want to recomend something that may not work. However, you need the other scart socket on the digibox for the VCR to Digibox connection...

:eek: A word of warning though, you will need to make sure your box does actually have RGB out. I know it has s-video but i'm not sure if it has RGB so you'd better check (if you haven't already). :eek:

If composite is the best you can get out of the LD and the Yammy doesn't convert then you might as well get a separate composite to s-video (it's only about 20 quid IIRC). That way you have 2 s-video connections into the amp (or 3 if inc digibox) and 1 out to the plasma.

As for prices etc i'll PM you....

Oh yeah, the DVD doesn't need to have component to be able to convert it's RGB into a component signal using a JS box.

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