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Right, I'm buying a new tv in the next week, wot do i buy so much choice.
I love the Samsung R7, either 32in or 40in, but after seeing the picture on my brothers R7, Sky SD, I'm really put off.

Is there a set available which is better for sky than others?
Is there something special i should look for in the spec?

Also, some guys recommended different connection set ups, but it confused me.

I've got a Denon DHT500SD, home cinema kit, was planning on using the components for this, but after seeking advice was told something about connecting sky box to a DVD recorder then into TV to "interlace" the picture.

I can get away with about £1500 in total, what do i get?

Didnt really want a dvd recorder but would consider a hard drive thingy,but still unsure of how it should all be connected up, whats best for this, wots best for that?

Cheers Steven
May the force be with you

Neil Davidson

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Gobezza - as noted on the other thread, the whole DVD recorder thing is not the answer in this particular case unless you actually want a DVD recorder!

Did you get a chance to try any of the suggested settings like Movie - Warm 1 and sharpness reduced to 0?

When demoing LCDs always make sure they are removed from the dynamic mode in to something like standard or movie with color temp set to warm or natural. Then simply drop out the sharpness and enjoy!




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I've not tried adapting the settings yet, need to go to my brothers.

Im just concerned now cos i dont know wot to buy


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Set to movie, reduced sharpness to 0, fitted 24carat gold scart.

Much better but very dull picture

Any suggestions, is the Samsung R7 32 or 40in still the TV to buy?

That is the big Question

May the force be with you, always

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