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I have just ordered the Toshiba SD-420E. It has lots of different ways of connecting. I will Connect it to my Panasonic 32" PG30. How should I connect the player to the Tv. And I also have a Pioneer reciever amp which has all the required inputs/outputs.

Shall I plug my dvd into my tv using a fully wired scart or svideo? (I dont think my tv or reciever can handle Component Inputs)

How shall I connect my dvd player into my reciever ?

Do I need to have analouge and digital signals going into my receiver ?

I will be watching vcds as well as DVDs (which dont have dolby digital)

Is there any other connections I need to make ?

Thanks for any advice,


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General rule of thumb:

For best quality try and connection the source and target directly and by using component/rgb scart/svideo/composite in that order.

If like some of us you want to use your av amp for video switch as well as audio switching then connect everything to the amp via svideo (you may need a JS rgb > svideo for sky or your dvd player if it doesn't output svideo) then connection your amp to your tv. This way you don't have to worry about marrying up your video and audio sources.

PM me if you want to buy my JS rgb > svideo converter


I dont think I will be using any video switching.

So what about audio,
Do I need to use phono going from the DVD player to reciever ? or can I get away with just using digital cable ?

I will be using the dvd for playing cds too.

Should I use Optical Or coaxial digital cables ?


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you can:

1. Connect your dvd player to your amp via a digital cable (coax or optical)

2. Connect your dvd player to your amp via a pair of phono leads.

3. Connect your dvd player to your amp via 6 phono leads.

For DD5.1/DTS (movies) you should use options 1 or 3, with 1 being preferred. Your amp with probably have a better DD/DTS decoder than your dvd player and so should do the decoding. If you connect via 3 then your player will do the decoding and your amp should be set to ext in. You do have a 5.1 speaker setup don't you?

For CD's playing through your dvd payer you can use 1, 2 or 3 depending on what you have on the back of your dvd player. Try 1 or 2/3 and compare the sound quality. As with 5.1 above, leaving it digital lets the amp do the decoding and leaving iconnecting via phono means that the dvd player does the decoding.

AV Amps rarely make a good job of decoding CD stereo sound so you probably should go with the phono leads option, but it totally depends on the quality of your player/amp and the quality of cables used. For example, your dvd player may have a better decoder for CD stereo but if you connect via a pair of cheap phono leads then it just may sound better connected via digital.

Try it out and post back what you find out....

You didn't post what amp you have

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