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I have a Polk PSW 111, 8" subwoofer and a Yamaha AVR - have a single cable running from the 'sub out' on the AVR to the LFE in on the sub. Volume is non existent, just a very faint rumble. Have looked at all the settings in the AVR and all seems right. Same with the sub.
Now, the sub instruction booklet clearly shows an LFE input, plus a pair of LINE IN inputs, but the sub only has the pair of LINE IN's. There's a label next to the LINE IN's that states LFE IN - I assumed that you could just use the single cable in one of these IN's, but have tried both and no good. Do I need a 'Y' cable? So 1 end at the AVR and into both inputs of the sub?
Sub has 'Auto On', if that affects anything??
Link to pic of sub back panel: Polk PSW111 8
Thanks for any help.


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First make sure the lead is good.
Seems like you have it correctly wired up, sub out from AVR to LFE (red rca input on sub.
The user manual also says this is correct (I checked) I would set the sub for about 80Hz and turn main vol to 60-70%. You shouldn't need a Y connector to connect both inputs, one should work fine in the red RCA marked LFE. Play some bass heavy music and adjust as necessary, then play a Movie in DTS or Dolby digital with heavy bass.
Sometimes Yamaha AVR's have multiple adjustments for speaker settings and subwoofer( double check user manual) My Yamaha DSP AX630 has a subwoofer level setting 0- minus 20 db and a setting in speaker setting for sub/main or both( I use it set to output both sub and main speakers) Depending on whether you are playing music or watching a dolby digital sound track the sub output may vary. I would try removing the RCA Cable from the sub and try using a cable direct from one of your speakers to the speaker input on the sub to see if that works.
If you don't get enough bass output from the sub when connected to the speaker input while playing something like BBCR1 extra or a drum and bass track there may be a fault in the subwoofer.


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Thanks for the reply. Will swap the cable and go through the settings one more time.
Any idea how loud the bass should be when using the receiver 'Test Tone'?


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Normally try to hit 75db 1 or 2 db over is fine with the sub level, that level is usually set at the beginning of the calibration run.


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Normally try to hit 75db 1 or 2 db over is fine with the sub level, that level is usually set at the beginning of the calibration run.
When I ran Audyssey for the first time after moving everything into a new house, it said I had been running it at 96dB for the few weeks before I had a quiet enough house to do the Audyssey run... 🤣 lol


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OK, re-did the settings - the speakers had been set to 'Large', after I'd set them to 'Small', possibly by the YPAO?? And, I didn't have the 'Low Pass' knob on the back of the sub turned to LFE when I first ran YPAO, though I did change it after.
So, set the speakers to 'Small', set the Sub to 'LFE' and cranked the sub volume up, then ran YPAO - everything fine now.

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