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Connection Help Required

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by harveydean_uk, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. harveydean_uk


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    I am a complete novice at this malarky and need some help. OK here goes....

    I have a marantz KI sig. CD player, through a NAD 319 amp. These play through a pair of Tannoy Revolution R3 speakers.

    I want to set up a home cinema system. Without losing the above set up/configuration. Using the R3's as front speakers when watching the goggle box and using the R3's through the Marantz CD player when listening to music.

    So with the advice of the nice chap at Richer Sounds he suggested I buy an AV receiver and some speakers. He asked if the NAD 319 amp had pre-out sockets at the back. It does.

    So I have bought:
    Tannoy Revolution R1's (For the rear speakers)
    Tannoy Revoultion Centre Speaker
    Pioneer VSXD812 A/V Receiver
    Philips DVDR80 Recordable DVD

    Now I need to link the lot and haven't got a clue. Especially when it comes to linking the NAD 319 to the Pioneer VSXD812. Also I need to know which order to wire them. IE DVD to amp, sky/sattelite to amp etc etc

    Also - will it help if I bi-wire the fronts, rear and centre speakers.

    ALSO - Will I need to buy a sub-woofer

    Will I leave the fronts connected to the NAD?

    If someone can help out there I can be reached at harveydean_uk@hotmail.com

    Advice on which will be gratefully received. Not much to ask is it?

    Dean Harvey
  2. sticker

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    Jan 14, 2003
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    Sydney, Australia
    You need to take a pair of interconnects from the front pre-outs on the Pioneer and take them into a line level input on the NAD, say Aux. Leave your front speakers connected to the NAD and when you want to pay a DVD Switch the input on the Pioneer to DVD and the input on the NAD to Aux or what ever you connected the pre outs from the Pio to the NAD. I would leave the CD player connecter to the NAD and just switch the input on the NAD to CD when you want to play CD's.

    Connect your DVD's coax to the Pio digital in coax.
    If your Pio and the Philips and the Tv has component then conect DVD - Amp - TV for picture. If not connect the Scart on the DVD to the TV. Do the same with the Sat box. If your TV only has one RGB capable Scart, then make sure it is the DVD you connect to this.

    As to bi-wiring, I'm a little dubious, but try it for yourself to see. You don't have to use expensive cable to hear the benefits, if any. Maplin do one for around 79p a metre.

    You really should get yourself a sub as you are missing out on what is arguably the most important part of DVD, the .1 lfe part. Look at spending a minimum of £200 on one, perhaps something like the Paradigm PS1000 or the BK XLS200.

    Hope that helps and good luck


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