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Connection help...everything to TV & Projector


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Hope someone can advise I have been searching forum and cannot seem to find the ideal solution.

Have just got a PJ on to a 120inch screen (do it.... its brill!) However having not thought things out to well (brought with heart not head) I am now not sure of the best way to connect everything up.

Tosh37wl66p 2xHDMI in/ 1xComponent in/ 2xcomposite in
Optoma HD65 1xHDMI/1xComponent in/1xvga in (pj is a 10m cable run from the rest of the setup)
Sky HD 1xHDMI out/1xComponent out
Panosonic SA-HT855 DVD 1xHDMI out/1xComponent out
Xbox 360 -Component
Wii-currently have the composite lead

I have currently run a 10m HDMI from the PJ to sources which obviously means I only have DVD and Sky HD available on the PJ, and theres lots of crawling around and swapping of cable when changing from one to the other. (not to mention reducing the life of the sockets)

Have considered Onkyo 505/605s etc plus a cheap HMDI splitter after the amp but have only 3cm clearance to offer the amp which apparently needs more like 30 plus :eek: for heat issue. So does not appear to be an option for me, unless someone can recomend an amp that will not out perform my combi boiler and can live with 3cm clearance!

Could anyone advise a cost effective way of doing this another way?

Its boiled my brain this one so any advice would be very welcome!

Many thanks


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You've obviously heard that the Onkyo's run hot. Three centimetres isn't much but it's not much less than my AV receiver has. The manufacturer's list these clearance requirements but AV racks rarely comply, so I wouldn't worry too much as long as the grille on the top of the amp isn't impeded, the heat should be able to escape. Is the back of your rack open? Onkyo owners might be able to advise if 3cm is enough.

I am not familiar with the all-in-one thingy you have, I think it's Panasonic. When you say "cost effective", are you planning on using those speakers with a new amp? TBH, I wouldn't. They might work (the sub most likely won't) if the impedence rating is compatible with the AV receiver you go for. You will need to check the rating (ohms). If they're okay to be used, I would go easy on them for fear of damaging them and the amp. They will obviously seriously hamper the sound, so I wouldn't expect an improvement with a new amp. You'll probably be lucky if there was any gains at all.

As you have a mix of component (get a Nintendo component cable for the wii) and HDMI sources, I would look for an AV receiver that upconverts analogue sources to HDMI, so you can just use one cable/signal type i.e. HDMI. The Denon 1908, Sony 910 and Yamaha 861 can do this although the Sony 910 only appears to upconvert from component video to HDMI so you would need to buy the wii component cable if you chose it. There is a thread in the AV receivers forum where someone has found the 861 cheap. It might be worth a look. The Yamaha and Denon are slightly shorter than the Onkyo and the Sony is considerably shorter and has the most HDMI inputs IIRC. There are new models due out from Sony that might interest you but I'm not sure when they're released. What speakers are you going to use? How big is the room etc.? What is your budget?

A few people have had success wth this 1x2 splitter. I'm afraid the only way to really guarantee success with HDMI is to buy a decent (not cheap) brand named splitter from the likes of Gefen or Octava. HDMI is a complicated beast and you pays yer' money I'm afraid...


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Cheers for the reply dude,

I do have an open back on the rack and yes sorry it is panasonic all in one with speakers of 6 ohms. Budget wise it has taken a little work to get sign off from the "board" for the projector and screen! As I said having not thought things through too well did not realise how much the cost could spiral to set things up properly, so did not allow much past the pj and screen :oops:

Having said that now the kids have enjoyed a few films at 120inchs (Pixars Cars was fantastic!) and having just kept the inlaws happy (Man U fans:suicide:) with Sky sports HD I think she has come round to my way of thinking! and I'm loving it too, films have come back alive! Could have spent £1.5-2k on quality 50 inch and it would not come close to the £800 I sent on this.

Anyway will find it difficult to convince her of the merits of what will be a big ugly silver box in her eyes (AV receiver)...bless her! However it seems that is the route I will have to take and will prob aim for £200-£300.

Take your point on the speakers though (spiraling cost again!) If going the av rec route will prob keep panasonic delivering the sonics untill I can splash on speakers (looks like c£300 is bout the minimum?) then a sub...ouch! (Eeeebbaayy?!?)

Thanks again for taking the time to reply am now going to research your suggested receivers.

If the mods don't mind I may post this in the pj area too as it may be seen by other that have had the same experiences?



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A few people have had success wth this 1x2 splitter. I'm afraid the only way to really guarantee success with HDMI is to buy a decent (not cheap) brand named splitter from the likes of Gefen or Octava. HDMI is a complicated beast and you pays yer' money I'm afraid...

While what you say is true to some extent, and there is a lot of dodgy cheap components on the market, as long as the retailer offers a good return policy then it may be worth a shot if you are spending £50 instead of £150-£300.

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