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Connection help / advice please, I'm confused.


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Hi all.
I have a Sony 46w4500 LCD tv and have purchased a Sony HTSS1300 surround sound system to go with it, the other components currently in my system are a panasonic dvd player and a sky digital decoder (not sky+) the later two will be upgraded to a sony blue ray player and sky+HD when cash allows.
I came to connect it all up yesterday and was puzzled by a few points.
The dvd is connected to the tv via a scart lead
The sky box is also connected to the tv via a scart lead.
Analogue arial goes through the sky box the to the tv.
I have a HDMI lead from the tv to the surround sound system.
the sky box is connected to the surround via a phono (red/white plug) lead.
The dvd player has optical audio out so I have used an optical cable between it and the surround sound.
according to both sets of instructions I also need, and have fitted, an optical (or phono) connection between the tv and the surround.
everything seems to work fine but I am puzzled as to why I need the optical connection between the tv and the surround, I thought the hdmi lead was all things needed ?
So I assumed that when I finally upgraded to a blue ray player and sky+ that all the optical leads would go and everything would be interconnected via hdmi leads, could anyone put me right on these connection issues.
I am assuming that eventually i will need:
TV to surround - HDMI
blue ray to tv - HDMI
sky+ to tv - HDMI
Blue ray to surround - HDMI
Sky+ to surround - HDMI
meaning that i would need a total of 5 HDMI leads.
have i got things right ? The instructions are not easy to follow (in my opinion) they are too technical (or maybe I just dont understand all the lead types correctly)
Is there an idiots gude to connection set up anywhere.


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The HDMI between your TV and the surround system goes from the surround to the TV not the other way around.

That is why you need the optical from the TV to the surround.

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