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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Marcus D, Aug 26, 2004.

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    As a complete newbie I have recently purchased a Sony KV32FQ86 with a DAVSC5 DVD/Amp combo, an Aiwa VCR and a Pace Digibox. I have followed the following set up as found on this board for the 4 TV’s around my house :-

    TV aeriel input into VCR in
    Aeriel Out from VCR into Aeriel In on Digibox
    RF1 Output on Digibox into TV
    RF2 Output on Digibox into aeriel In on distribution box (loft)
    5V output to RF2 enabled on Digibox
    DVD/Amp combo into TV[Scart]

    All connections made by scart with Digibox & DVD/Amp via fully wired scart

    The problems that I have are :-

    Unable to view video on TV’s other than main set
    Unable to view DVD’s other than on main TV set

    I also have a CCTV input from a camera source connected directly to the TV using a Scart connection. I understand that in order to distribute this source I will require an RF modulator (comp vid signal from camera). Is it possible to distribute this as per the other signals?

    And finally (!!!!!) from the TV point in my kitchen I would like to be able to use a long length of coax (+/- 10 metres) to allow me to move the kitchen TV into the garden, weather permitting!!! Currently as soon as I change to the longer coax from the screened fly lead I loose all picture and audio. Does the signal need further boosting or am I way off track with this??

    Any help will be greatly received


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