Connection Confusion - kit & cables



Hi there. So I've taken the plunge and bought a Yamaha RXV357 AV reciever from richer sounds, and a nice sounding budget beast it is too.

So to connecting it up to all my kit.

I have a 28" Thomson CRT Widescreen with an AV1 and AV2 scarts (av2 can be amp connected it says)
I have a Thomson DTH211 DVD player with 1x scart, digital coax out, and red/white/yellow phonos
I have a Thomson VTH???? nicam video with 1x scart (NOTHING ELSE RE OUTPUT)
I also have a telewest digibox. separate scarts to vcr and tv

I have rf aerial into digibox - telewest supplied ?rf? cable from digibox to vcr and scart from vcr to TV av2 (also have phon cables from DVD to amp)
I have DVD scart to scart to tV av1, and digital coax to amp

therefore at present I can get surround sound from DVD and Pro-logic2 from digibox, but no sound through amp from vcr.

Is there any benefit and would it work anyway, to connect dvd, vcr, digibox to the amp and just run one cable from the amp to the tv (red/white/yellow to scart)

What inter unit connections woould be needed to ensure videoing capability of terrestrial and digital channels?
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