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Connection challenge. I dare you !!!

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by candg, Sep 4, 2005.

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  1. candg

    Active Member

    Aug 5, 2005
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    I have a rather complicated system setup and wondered if anyone on here can help. I have been scratching my head for months with it !!!

    In one room I have a home cinema system
    Seleco SVP310 CRT projector with X10 operated screen which retracts form the ceiling on X10 command.
    The projector has
    Composite video input
    SVHS input
    Scart input (composite, SVHS and RGB on scart)
    5 BNC connections... R/ G/ GS/ B Vert Sync and H/HV Sync

    Please could someone explain these BNC connections and how I could utilize these for better signal path for Sky and DVD.

    I am currently using the SVHS input on the projector for both SKY and the DVD which are both routed through the Yamaha amp and then out through the SVHS out to the projector.

    I have tried the SCART RGB input from SKY and the image is far superior to SVHS but For various reasons I cannot get a scart cable from the SKY or DVD to the projector (The SVS plug is far easier to get through floorboards and walls above the projector than a Scart lead)

    I am wondering whether I can improve on this signal path and how.

    My equipment is as follows:

    Seleco SVP310 CRT projector
    Yamaha DSPAX1 Amp
    Rotel 5 channel power amp
    Mission 753 fronts
    Mission 75C centre
    Mission 77DS for surround
    Mission 77DS for rear surrounds
    REL storm Subwoofer
    Sony DVDPS 900 Player (with RGB S video and Component video output)
    Kiss DVP 508 .networked DVD player with built in 80 gig hard drive..(with S video, RGB, and Component video output)
    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT piece of equipment which streams all my media collection from the media PC, audio and video

    Sky + feeding SVHS signal to projector via the Yamaha amp in room 1 and also routed to to Plasma screen in room 2 via JS Technology RGB to Plasma VGA adaptor, anyone who is’nt using this converter is mad..the results are the best I have seen from SKY

    Tivo (thinking about networking this) Feeding SVS output to Plasma Screen in room 2 and projector in room 1.
    Phillips DVDR 80 DVD recorder. Don’t EVER buy a Phillips DVD recorder..this is my second one and has been returned to Phillips 5 times for faults the first one went back as many times.

    In room 2
    The Media PC running MCE 2005 and Homeseer Automation software using The Ocelot controller. Sound out via Coaxial digital output of soundcard into a Coaxial digital input on the Yamaha amp.
    The soundcard is onboard, no problems with this it works brilliantly feeding a coaxial digital output to my Yamaha DSPA3090 (old now but still works and sounds brilliant after about 10 years)

    Bose AM15 speaker setup with additional REL Stadium Subwoofer.

    I havent hooked up a video feed to the PC yet so not sure about how to do this with MCE 2005, but want to to route my CCTV signal through it, anyone any ideas how to do this ?
    Kiss DP1500S networked DVD player

    Panasonic 36” CRT TV
    Fed by Composite Video from Tivo downstairs

    OK now the challenge !!!

    Can anyone explain the BNC connectors on the projector and how I could use these ?

    Can anyone suggest the best possible way to connect all this stuff together. using the best quality signal path for all of it ? Go on I dare you to try and work this out…I still can’t

    ANY comments would be really helpful

  2. John Langton

    John Langton

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    Hi graham I have limited knowledge but I have these BNC connectors on the back of my plasma also. I believe they are just the same as component output connectors but these BNC are more for the profesional industry side. I havent used mine as Im going the DVI route

    Hope this helps

  3. inzaman


    Dec 16, 2002
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    Duplicate thread closed :)
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