Connection between PanaTH42PX70 and Wii



I believe theoretically that when connecting a Wii to this panel, then the best connection should be Component, followed by RGB Scart followed by the supplied Composite.

A friend of mine had the 37" version of this plasma, but he found that Component looked awful, so reverted to RGB Scart which he stated looked great. (He also said Composite was not good)

I was surprised that Component didn't look good, but I hear there may be a problem with this particular display when connecting vis Component?

I have the 42" Panny PX70 and will soon be getting a Wii.

Does anyone else have this combination and connect via the optional Component cable? Is it a great picture?


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we have this set...component definitely an improvement on the cable connections supplied, though as with all wii games, not PC standard. Remember to choose component in the menu.


Thanks for these answers.

I spoke to my TH37PX70 owning friend, and he certainly had the official component cable along with the EDTV setting when he tried it. He stated that the colours were bleeding and washed out. With the official RGB Scart cable, he said the picture was excellent.

I guess I will have to try both when I eventually find stock of the £180 unbundles Wii (May take some time!!)

I also noticed other people complaining of the Wii Component connection in the Panasonic TH37PX70 main thread. These people also stated that the optional RGB enabled Scart gave a better picture. Perhaps it just effects the smaller 37" set.

Thanks and happy new year.

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