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After many months of indecision, browsing this forum and pleeding with my wife I have finally ordered the budget Toshiba ET1 today from oyyy. It will be a few years before I upgrade everything to HD so am sure this will do me in the meantime.

Wife acceptance was critical and I therefore picked up a Hitachi 72" pull up screen today from Richer Sounds for £99 which looks great and can be tucked behind the sofa when not in use. Unfortunately my installation has to be invisible when not in use, not just neat and tidy like the great examples shown in this forum.

The only outstanding question I have is about connectivity. I am looking to connect up my Sky+ box, Tosh SD220E DVD (with progressive scan I think), PS2. The ET1 has RGB Scart, Component, S-Video, Composite and VGA inputs and I want to make sure of the best combination of connections to use before buying the 10 metre cables (5 metres if lucky) required to run round invisibly behind the radiator and sofa!

I am currently using the RGB Scart from the Sky+ and the Component outputs from the DVD into my Tosh TV. I will probably just plug the PS2 directly into the projector when required using a PS2 to RGB Scart but would prefer not to have to change connections on the Sky box and DVD behind the TV every time I use the projector.

What my question boils down to is how do the Sky+ Scart RGB (in use) and S-Video (free) outputs, and my DVD Scart RGB (free) and Component outputs (in use) compare especially if I am going for 10m cable lengths. I am not looking at buying expensive cables and have been looking at tvcables for costings. Would a single Scart RGB connection to the PJ and a Scart switching unit be the best option or is Component worth it for DVD?

Any hints and tips welcome - I will post pictures of my invisible setup when I fit it all together!


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Thanks for the suggestion - when the PJ arrives I shall set it up pointing the wromng way with the short leads I have and try out the various combinations - glad you think that Component is best for the DVD.


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I ran my PJ with component from DVD and RGB SCART and couldn't see any difference.
If you can afford it then a B-Tech Quintro+ (£70) and a long SCART lead would be my rrecommendation. You can plug all your inputs into the Quintro and take RGB outputs to the TV and projector via SCART.
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