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I have a Pioneer AX5i and a Panny TH-50PHW6 currently everything is connected to the amp via S-video except the Video Recorder which is Composite. Between the amp and Plasma I have both Svideo and Composite plugged into the "S-video and Composite" module. However the S-video always seems to override the Composite, the only way to get the video recorder to work is move the composite to the SCART module of the plasma via a adapter. This is not ideal as I have to switch the TV the a different AV source as well as the amp.

It seems that Amp only passes through the signal and does not convert say for example Composite connections to S-video. I have considered the Component module as the amp has component out. Would this only pass through component inputs and not s-video/composite?

Hope you can help, and hope the above makes sense.

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This amp cannot do up conversion of any signal just switching of it
i believe the ax10i-s can, which will probably be sub £2000 soon as a newer version is just about to be released.
The ax10i-s can only do 40 mhz of bandwidth on upscaling to component which should be fine for you needs.
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