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need some advice for a friend

he has got a veba in car portable dvd player and is about to
buy a new headunit and need's to know if it is possible to
to connect the dvd player to the headunit so that he can hear
the sound through the car speakers

the headunit will have a couple of pre-out's and a 3.5mm front
mounted jack

if this is possible what lead would he need and where will it
plug in?
cheers criggy


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What model is the head unit?

Does it not have an Aux input on the rear?

If not, then I suspect that your only option will be to use the front jack that you mention (I assume this is an input and not some sort of headphone/Aux out?).

What sort of audio output is on the DVD player?



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You can buy a modulator which the phono's from dvd plug into then you tune the car radio to a set frequency and you get the sound from the dvd, this is one of the best options, I have a pioneer modulator and it sounds perfect.


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