Connection a Game Console to Panasonic AE 100


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I have tried to connect the kids N64 using its own cable, which is a 3 plug phono connector. Yellow - Video, Red/White - Left/Right Audio.

I Put the Yellow directly into the Pannys Composite but get no picture:confused: The same cable works just fine on thier TV & the Sony in the front room.

Are there similar problems with X-Box or PS2s? I don't want to buy them something I can't blow up on the projector.

richard plumb

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are you pressing the source button to select composite? I think it should cycle through the inputs. You want it to show 'video' (composite - what you are using).

If you still don't have a picture, try connecting your video via a SCART->composite box (about £5 if you don't already have one). Still no image might = dead input on the projector.


Ciao Mike,
the N64 composite cable should work. Check your connections, and double check that you have selected the "Video" input on the AE100. I have had no problems with connecting my gaming consoles to the AE100.

For PS2 and Xbox, I would recommend buying component cables. In my experience they give a much nicer picture than composite and S-video on the AE100.


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