Connecting Zidoo X10 to HDMI splitter kills audio from DVR source into A/V receiver


Source of material is a TiVo DVR,
Destination is a Zidoo X10 (X9 would be the same and possible this might apply to their replacements Z9 & Z10)
The TV is a Samsung 60" from 2014 (if that matters)

The splitter was only tested elsewhere for video, not for audio which it worked.
I also have a 2nd splitter which hasn't been tested until now. That one doesn't work at all, it's self powered, but no power as of now. Different problem.

I do see how/why the PCM/Raw Zidoo setting would have any effect at the input of the Zidoo. As soon as I disconnect the splitter from the Zidoo, the audio returns from the source.
Mind you, I loose the audio from the DVR into A/V HDMI receiver, I'm not just talking about audio into the X10, but audio into the A/V receiver. It kills the signal.
Video is fine.

Any ideas?
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