Connecting xbox 360 to new TV (Panasonic ax802b)


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i Guys,

I tried searching through the forums but couldn't find anything on this - I think it's quite a specific problem that I have.

I am trying to connect my xbox 360 to my new panasonic ax802b TV but am having issues.

The 360 is quite old and doesn't have the HDMI output port, just the AV component/video cable.

I've managed to get this connected to the TV but;

- I get a blank screen when the AV cable is set to HD and is connected using the component cable through the AV2 adaptor
- I get a picture when the AV cable is set to SD and is connected using the video cable through the AV2 adaptor/display port adaptor, however;
- the quality is very bad when the xbox is set to PAL 60
- the quality is good when the xbox is set to PAL 50 but the games are not playable as they do not support this mode

Can anyone help a n00b? Any help advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Lostsoul 301281

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Doesn't the TV have component connections?
I just looked it up on Richer Sounds, and according to their listing, it has.
Don't use the SCART adapter, just plug in the component leads directly, and move the switch to HD.
Otherwise you may just have to bite the bullet and pick up a cheap Xbox360S/E for the HDMI output.


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Unfortunately the component input is not a true component input, there is an adapter that you plug the component leads into and it converts it to an HDMI type input which doesn't appear to support the xbox output on the old versions....

think i am going to have to ebay an xbox
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