connecting xbox 360 to my MCE pc



Hello i have a question for the experts,
As Christmas is nearly upon us i have asked santa (my girlfriend) to bring me an xbox 360. I have been told tat if i was to get this present i am not allowed hog the 32Lcd in the sitting room wit it so I am wondering can i connect it to my PC and will it work wit the hardware i have in it.

My pc is running windows xp Media center edition sp2
It's a HP Pavillion, Pentium 4 3.00ghz, 1gb ram
GeForce 6200se turbocache 256mb, 19inch Lcd HD set at 1280*1024 32 bit 60hz
The sound card is a Realthek HD audio:confused:.
If you can tell me do i need to do anything to my system or is it good to go and if so how do i do it.
yes your pc will work with the xbox you will have to d/load mce extender from microsoft you dont say wether you pc is wireless or not if not you connect them together by ethernet if wireless you will have to buy microsoft wireless adaptor with both connect by by vga or dvi and follow onscreen instructions you cant go wrong
I think the OP was asking if he could use the monitor on the PC instead of the TV in the lounge for Xbox games. The answer is 'Yes' if you get an Xbox 360 VGA cable. You will need to plug/unplug the PC/Xbox or use a KVM switch.

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