Connecting Wii to Ht-R390


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Hi, bit of a novice at this and would appreciate some help.
Trying to connect my Wii to my Onkyo, using a component cable but not sure where to connect them, and what input to select on the remote, also any settings I would need to change on the Onkyo.
I'm also having trouble getting sound from my tv tuner. If I change the av input on my tv to tv, the display on the Onkyo says tv/cd but I only get picture and not sound. Do I need another HDMI cable from the tv to a spare HDMI in on the Onkyo?
My current setup is quite simple, BluRay, Sky+HD and Revo to HDMI in (plus optical for the sky audio) and nothing else. Seems to work well but not too sure about a few of the things in the Onkyo menu like HDMI control etc.
I've had a good read through the various threads and have picked a few things up but need a little more help.
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