Connecting Wifi USB (alongside 360 ethernet bridge) problems...


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Hi, hope you can help!

I had been able to connect to wifi on the Wii fine using the Nintendo USB dongle (as I don't have wireless) until I bought a 360 and decided to link this up to my PC with the Ethernet cable.

Now maybe I have done something wrong here but I had to create a network bridge to create the link between the PC and the 360...

Now that i have the network bridge in place though, when I try to re-install the Nintendo USB dongle, it says "a network bridge is enabled. Delete the network bridge in the network connection"

I don't want to delete the bridge as I don't want to remove my connection to the 360...

Any suggestions?



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Hi carnaige, I've been having exactly the same problem for a while now. The only solution I have found is a temporary one I'm afraid.

Delete your bridge and uninstall the dongle etc so you're starting afresh then reinstall the dongle first and make sure thats all set up and then build your bridge to your 360 afterwards (whilst your 360 is turned on) and it should all work fine then.

The problem, for me at least, is that everytime I then turn off my computer at night and then switch it back on again in the morning my Nintendo dongle is greyed out and not working and I have to do the whole thing again.:rolleyes:

Hope this helps in some way though, good luck with it.


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Hey thanks for the response Zico, I was beginning to think that maybe it was just me and my "methods"!

So, as you say, it looks like the only way to do it is to un-bridge, re-install usb dongle and re-bridge everytime we turn our PC's off, what a pain in the ar$e!

There must be some other way around this... .. .


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Maybe buy a router and Ebay the Wifi dongle?
Then you dont need the PC switched on to use the internet from the consoles.

PS If you already have a router but not a wifi one, you can add wifi to it with a wireless access point


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One of my work colleagues struggled to get his Wii and 360 to connect properly too.
He's on NTL cable and once he'd bought a Netgear WGR614 wireless router all worked fine :smashin: He got it off ebay for around £25 delivered.


I logged on to AVForums today to post the exact same question! So we're agreed that it can't be done with the dongle and an ethernet cable, then?


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Looks that way mate. Shame really... look like I've just got the 'shove' I needed to get a wireless router and go all out.

Anyone recommend a good, easy to set up, cheap and fast wireless router for use with a PC, laptop, Wii and 360...?


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