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Connecting upscaling DVD & V+ box to Toshiba 27WL54G?


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I wondered if someone might be able to assist?

I have a Toshiba 27WL54G TV with a Virgin V+ box connected to it via HDMI, and also a PC connected to the TV via the VGA port on the TV.

I currently use the PC to play DVD's+DivX's on the TV, but playback of the DVD's is sometimes a bit jumpy and the drive is a bit noisy. So I was thinking of getting an upscaling DVD player (and in particular, the Samsung DVD-HD 870, as it got great reviews from What-HiFi).

The upscaling DVD obviously needs to be connected to the TV via HDMI, however the TV only has 1 HDMI socket. So my question really is, What is the best way to connect my system together?

Should I ...
    1. Get an HDMI switch to allow me to connect both V+ box and DVD Player's HDMI ports to the 1 port on the TV? And if so, are the Auto switches any good? (ie.
      Neet 3 Port Mini HDMI AUTO SWITCH 3x1: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo). And then leave the PC connected via VGA?
    2. Or, get a different upscaling DVD Player that allows for the V+ box to be connected into the DVD player via HDMI, and then connects to the TV using the 1 HDMI port on the TV. Is this possible? And can you recommend any dvd players that support this? Also, if this IS the case, is it possible (and i think not, but just in case!) to connect the PC into the upscaling DVD player (via VGA/USB/LAN/Some Kind of Magic?) as well as the V+ box, so that it would upscale DivX's without me needing to burn them onto CD first?
    3. Or, are there any other solutions?!
Also, and just as clarification .. Am i right in thinking that there is no real benefit of me connecting my PC into the TV via HDMI, as any HD content played on my PC will appear in HD on the TV even if it is just connect via VGA?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!



Distinguished Member
If you connected the V+ to a DVD Recorder (DVD players don't have inputs) you will miss out on HD (from BBC HD?). I'm not familar with the V+ so don't know if it can output HD via component. You could simply connect the DVD player via component (green/red/blue plus red/white audio) video and let the TV scale. However, I think the switch is the best bet if you're set on a particular player. I can highly recommend the Oppo HM31. I use one myself, it's fully v1.3/1080p etc. compliant, automatic with optional IR control (not needed as it automatically selects the auto or priority input). I get excellent results using VGA on my HCPC connected to my bedroom PC (1:1 pixel mapping). Try both!

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