Connecting up the HD box ???


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Having Sky HD Installed on Tues and just want to check about connecting it up to the rest of equipment.

At present my 37" LCD TV is connected via HDMI to my Yammy Av Amp and likewise my Blu ray player also via HDMI to Av Amp.

When I get the Sky Box, assuming it has HDMI connection, do I simply connect it to the Tv with HDMI lead or does it have to go to the Av Amp ? If I connect to Tv I assume I will still get any 5:1 sound that any of the Sky channels may be in, through the Amp as Tv is connected to that.

Incidentally I have 4 HDMI connections ( 1 used so far) on Tv and 1 Spare left on the Av amp which is the DTV/CBL .

Have asked this before but was a while ago + need reminding/advice.

oh + anything else I should know re:the install ?


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Whether you connect the HD box straight to the tv or through the amp with HDMI, you will still need to use an optical (or coaxial on newer models) to get 5.1 DD. HDMI wont carry it from HD box, just stereo.


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I would connect both the HDMI and optical cables to the AV amp and set the amp up to use HDMI for Sky picture and optical for Sky sound. You can then use the amp to switch HDMI sources. That's what I do, anyway.


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Ok. I'm going to require a 5m optical cable due to distance of Av Amp to Tv stand where Sky box will be going.

Any recommendations on this, ie: Ixos, QED, Chord + best place to buy.

And if I connect HDMI lead from Sky Box to Av Amp will I also still need a connection from the Sky box to TV, obviously again using HDMI, or is that not necessary.

Thanks for advice.


5m optical cable - Ebay - less than a fiver - works perfectly.


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Ok ! call me thick or what but i'm still a bit confused about connections ?

To keep it as simple as poss -my connections are as follows :

TV HDMI 1 - HDMI Out Av Amp
TV AUDIO OUT - DTV/CBL Av Amp ( RCA Audio cable)
Blu ray HDMI - HDMI DVD Av Amp

With this set up I get Tv sound thru Av Amp but nothing obviously when Audio cable removed. What I dont get is everything still works fine when watching movies on Blu ray which means the HDMI cable carries sound + picture, so why do I not get sound with just the HDMI connection from Tv -Av Amp ??

Therefore my Q. still is when I get the Sky Box do I simply connect it to the Av Amp with HDMI as said on here and do I definately need to get a Digital Optical cable for the sound and what do I connect to and from the Tv.

SORRY for not getting my head around this but need to know what cables I may need before Sky come on Tuesday so they can be ready to just plug in the Box which saves the Engineer fiddling around my system !



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I know people say these signals are all digital & there's no degradation but if yr TV has 4 HDMI's I would plug as many sources direct into that as possible with opticals only for 5.1 etc to the amp, if it has multiple optical inputs.

That way you don't always need to have yr amp on to feed these sources through (unless it allows for passive feed through?) & you can have sound/picture on TV at all times.

If its something where you want the benefit of the AV set up then turn the TV volume down & crank the amp on & up.

If the fastest & best route is A to B, why include a stop off point?

Thats my preference & what I do.

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