Connecting Up My AV32


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I am running a bit short on coaxial inputs on my Tag AV32. At present I have got connected – CD Transport – Minidisc – DVD Player and I have got a Tag DAB Tuner connected via the Toslink Input.

So the question is how can I best utilise the inputs I have got? I was thinking of using the Minidisc via the Toslink or via the Analogue inputs on the Tag AV32. Is there any noticeable difference between Toslink and Analogue? Has anyone got any views on this or has tried them out?
Which is the better sounding?
What would be the best way of configuring my set up?

I just felt it was a shame to have the Tag DAB Tuner connected via a Toslink, which as far I as I am aware is inferior to coaxial.



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Connect the CD, DVD, Tuner to the three coaxial inputs and the MD to one of the opticals.


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Thanks for the reply.

I suppose the next question is can anyone recommend a Toslink cable. I have a cheap £20 cable at the moment.

Would have to be open, fast and full bodied if possible.


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I have had a few including the VDH at £50, but i found the best to be the one by Chord.
Slightly wider, more detailed sound at £40.
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