Connecting up brand new iPhone for the first time

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philip birdi

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My local 02 store have an 8g iphone for £169 and i was thinking of buying it,they say i need to pay for the handset instore with a credit card and register it at home,i want to unlock the iphone because the i want as PAYG phone

So when i first connect it up will i get a message telling me to register the phone and sign up for the 18 month contract?if so do i just ignore this and then unlock the handset via ziphone? is it that easy?thanks


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are going to use ziphone?
Everyone seems to using Pwnage Tool or iLiberty+

have look at Tutorials there for ziphone/iLiberty+/Pwnage.

check out the sticky on top.

philip birdi

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So you think iliberty will be better?is 1.3 the latest version and what is the cydia thing in the list?thanks

And before i do the unlocking thing do i have to update to 1.1.4 firmware first and is the update done through itunes


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Closing, this has been discussed way too many times on here, again, there is a working search function on this forum.
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