Connecting up a 4K Blu Ray player


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This may be obvious, but I thought I’d check.

I have a Sony A9 tv, a 5.1 receiver (well it’s 9.1, but that sounds a bit pretentious), and am thinking of what DVD player to get. The main difference between the current offerings seems to be the amount of processing that they do. But since the tv presumably does the necessary upscaling, etc, for Dvds what is the point in getting a fancy dvd player?

Similarl, if I hook up(via HDMI) my dvd player to my television I can also take the sound from my television to my receiver (optically). But I can also send the sound from my DVD player directly to the receiver. Is one approach better than the other?

Anyway, what advantage is there to getting more than a Sony 800 or Pansonic 450 DVD player and being done with it (for playing mainly DVDs, but also some blu rays)?


Providing the receiver is capable of passing 4K signals then it would be best hooked up the player direct to the receiver. This will ensure you get HD audio. Optical from the TV will restrict you to SD audio. If the player has dual HDMI outputs then one to the TV for video and the second to the receiver for HD audio.

As you've not mentioned what receiver you have difficult to know if it will indeed pass 4K.

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