Connecting TV to HI-FI sounds like tweeters are clipping?


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When I play the sound from my TV through my HI-FI, It sounds as if the tweeters are clipping/distorting? I Have a free-view Humax HDR-FOXT2 connected to an old Sony CRT KV-28LS36U Television, which in turn goes to a DenonDM38 amp through to some Monitor Audio BX2's.

I first noticed this when watching Jools Holland which I assume rules out the source as I have heard people say how good it sounds. So it can only be my equipment? Yet when playing CD's through the Denon it sounds fine. Which must rule out my amp and speakers? That leaves either the Humax or the TV? Has anyone ever come across anything similar to this? Or could offer some advice on how to fix it? As I would love to use the speakers to watch films etc but now I am scared that it will damage them.

I have been through the menu's on the TV and the Humax and tried most of the different sound settings but to no avail. The clipping/distortion is most pronounced on high notes, or things like symbols if it helps? and sounds like a quiet rattle/raspy sound. My other half didn't notice it until I pointed it out but I then turned up the treble and it was very clear that something wasn't right.

Also I was wondering if this could have caused any damage to my speakers? Is there any test that I can do on them to check? Or is it just a case of listening to them?

Thanks if you've taken the time to read this far, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I assume the TV has fixed level audio out?

Is it possible to connect the Humax straight to the amp? This would let you work out if it's the TV or the amp that's having the problem, and let you know what needs repairing.


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I dont think the TV is fixed volume as I can go through the TV menu and turn the TV speakers off. Then when i press the volume button on the TV i get a message that says "TV speakers off" as well as the volume bar graph which goes up and down as normal and does change the volume coming through my Hi-Fi speakers. Originally i left the TV volume where it was (half way) which meant i had to turn the Denon up to 25 to be heard. I then noticed the clipping/distortion and turned the TV volume up to full, so that the Denon is now at its normal 12 volume level. But the problem still persists :-(

I will have a look later tonight and see if i can connect the Hi-Fi directly to the freeview player to try and rule out the TV and report back! Thats a smashing idea!

And to answer the other question the TV is connected to the Hi-Fi via red and white connecters (i think they are called phono leads?)

As always thanks for the advice so far, hopefully we can get to the bottom of this!


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The Sony's having RCA audio outs and its ability to disable the internal speakers, implies to me that it is one of the models designed to be connected to a hi-fi (I couldn't find a manual online). If so, there's likely an option in the menus for specifying whether the audio output is fixed or variable, although some TV's have two sets of RCA audio outs. Either way, set the menu to fixed or use the fixed output connectors.

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