connecting tv to amp question


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Hi all :hiya:

please excuse my basic language in describing what im doing (novice and learning)
my question is i want to set up my tv so sound is coming thru my yamaha 757?
it is set up that i can do it but i have to have the dvd turned on as well
i connected the tv to the yamaha using the white and red optical out cable but the sound is terrible its all crackly and fuzzy ........i take it this is not right way to do it

ur advise is greatly appreciated


p.s. and yes i have looked thru the previous posts but either i dont understand the jargon or havnt seen what im looking for


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If you dont have a freeview, cable or satellite box and your tv only has the red and white RCA connectors, you should use this. This is just a plain old phono cable with red and white rca connectors at either side. An optical cable is a fibre optic cable with one connection, it doesnt have red and white connectors.


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Thanks for replying :thumbsup:

No i dont have freeview(not in Ireland) satellite or cable im still in the dark ages with a ariel :(
yes thats what i have the tv connected to the amp with but the sound is really bad which i dont understand, as if i watch the tv thru the dvd player its ok and i switched the ariel lead from the dvd to the tv too with no difference

any further ideas ??? why this is so

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