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Okay so, I know this looks long and daunting, i know there are previous threads about connecting this turntable to hifi but they don't quite answer my questions. I would really, really appreciate some advice on this. I'm drowning in technology.

So down to basics: I am looking to buy a turntable.

A friend of mine has one which I trust it's a Bush MTT1, I like the freedom of being able to place the needle wherever which has been removed from new systems and I've found a few for sale on the internet.

The only issue is I want to connect it to my sony hifi system. The Hifi has a line in which the manual says is for connecting and listening to minidisk, tv and vcr.

Major question-will I be able to connect my turntable?

I would buy it and just connect it to my speakers through phono plugs but neither the turntable or speakers have volume control, only the hifi which only has one set phono jack which the speakers are attached to.

The turntable has phono jacks coming out but no input.

So bascially I'm wondering if the following are possible and which to do:

1) Buy piece of equipment which has phono and aux jacks. Buy double ended aux cable.
Here's a word diagram for you...
phonoplug----(cable)----phono plug into jack on--'equipment'--aux plug coming out of aux jack----(cable)----aux plug going into 'line in jack' on hifi

2) Does such a thing exist as phono plugs (to go into back of my hifi) connected to a base which has multiple phono jacks? (into which I can connect both the speakers and turntable)

If either of the two are possible which isthe best and most economic to go for? Could you possibly recommend me some equipment?

OR should I just buy a turntable with volume control and plug in my speakers. (if so whats the best one to buy for under £80, don't care about quality of inbuilt speakers, mine do me just fine :))

Thanks i really appreciate any advice


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Okay, the good news is that you don't need a separate phono stage as recommended by stasis, as the Bush MTT1 is unusual in that it has one built in.

If you have a line input on your hifi as you mention then you just need to convert the 2 phono plugs from the turntable into the correct plug for it. Guessing that its a jack plug socket then you need something like this

Hope this helps :)
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Thankyou both so much for your speedy replies!
I'm so relieved taht there's a way to make this work, ispent hours searching teh internet last night and to be able to simply buy one of those jack plug sockets and get it working is...such good news!
Cheers once again, made my day, merry christmas! :D

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