Connecting to V+ Box with optical cable



A newbie after a bit of help please!!!

I've just bought a Sony DZ660 home cinema system and am looking to connect to my V+ box to listen for TV audio. I bought an optical cable but am having no joy getting it to connect. I'm getting a red light through the cable but nothing out of the amp. I've done everything in the manual but, as I said, no joy. I have got it hooked up with jacks from audio-out on the box to line-in on the amp, which works OK, but as I have shelled out for the lead I'd like to get it to work and, I presume, it would be better quality.

Any help gratefully accepted.



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You need to turn HDMI Audio Override off in the setup menu on the V+ box to get digital audio out of the optical.




Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply.

Just tried that - still no joy though.




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It must be a setting on the Sony Home Theatre amp, or the cable is faulty.

I have it working on my JVC amp, but I had to change a setting on the amp. My JVC & your Sony support:

Analogue sound via either Scart or phono jacks.
Digital sound via either optical or coaxial.

On my amp I had to change the default ( Analogue ) sound input to Digital. There was an obscure A/D buttion on the remore which did this. Until I changed it over I too got no sound.

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