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(Not sure if this should be posted on the Plasma forum instead....but here goes anyway)

I have a few options for connecting my DVD to the plasma. I know the best way is to actually test and try the various options and see what’s best. BUT, for this I’ll have to buy all cables for testing purposes and end up using one.

So I would like your opinions about the following options.

My DVD outputs component/vga/RGB via scart....

1. I could use SCART (VGA) directly to Plasma.
2. SCART (Component) to AV Receiver, then component to Plasma.
3. S-Video or composite to AV Receiver, up-convert to component, then component to Plasma.

My shopping list:
Component RCA <>RCA = Belden Cables.
SCART (Component) <> RCA = Profigold.


Joe Fernand

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A confusing line up of what output options you have - generally most European DVD players will have:

01. Composite, S-Video or RGB via SCART (and not always all three as many players don't offer S-Video via SCART).

02. S-Video via a 4Pin mini din

03. Component (YUV) via 3 RCA Phono sockets.

If your player has the option to output a Progressive video signal this will most likely be via the YUV Component sockets (there are one or two players that can output Progressive RGB but pretty rare).

If your player is interlaced only there will not be much difference between the YUV and RGB Component outputs.

Most displays I have worked with have better YUV Component video input circuits than SCART RGB circuits.

If you only had S-Video and this was a primary source I'd send the raw S-Video signal to the Display rather than letting an AV Amp do the up conversion, unless you have a very high quality video processor in your AV Amp (not common)..

Unless you have a requirement to switch multiple YUV signals via your AV Amp I'd go directly to the Display.

If you do have a decent quality AV Amp which has a clean video switcher and Composite and S-Video are for secondary sources and you do have multiple YUV sources then using your AV Amp as a video hub (with up conversion) will simplify matters and my not be too detrimental to your signal quality.

It really depends on what kit list you have - not all Players, AV Amps and Displays are created equal.

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Thanks Joe.
To clear things up a little....the DVD player is a Kiss DP-500. It can output RGBHV, RGB and Component progressive scan via SCART. It has separate composite and s-video connectors.
AV Receiver is Yamaha RX-V1400....1 component output, 2 component inputs and/or up-conversion of composite or s-video.
Plasma (Fujitsu P42VHA30) .... not arrived yet. How are the VGA, Component and SCART inputs on this monitor?
OH....there is also the cable box. I can either connect it through the AV Receiver (composite) or directly to the SCART on the monitor.
I would like to get all cables sorted out before the plasma arrives and have no experience with plasma monitors therefore all these questions.
Any help from experienced members will be greatly appreciated.


PS. This thread is looking more like a Plasma and LCD forum thread....sorry.

Joe Fernand

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RX-V1400 - is a pretty decent amplifier and for simplicity of switching you could consider using it as your AV Hub.

To use your AV Receiver as the main hub you want to connect the AV Receiver to the Plasma as YUV Component video.

You will require a SCART to 3RCA YUV Component cable for your DVD player into YUV 01 on your AV Receiver and if you have SCART RGB out of your Cable box then I'd suggest a JS Technology RGB2YUV converter between the Cable box and your AV Receivers YUV 02 input.

Any secondary sources you have that are S-Video or Composite you could use the up-conversion on the AV Receiver to again keep everything simple as far as controlling the system.

If your not worried about shuffling remotes then YUV direct from the DVD to the Plasma and SCART RGB direct from the Cable box to the Plasma will be equally as good - and possibly marginally better as your missing out the switching in the AV Receiver.

Once you've settled on where you want to switch your video inputs (on the AV Receiver or on the Plasma) you can then consider what cables you require and which brands to look out for and get this thread back on track as far as which Forum its in :)

Best regards


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