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connecting to party with friend


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when me and a friend go on Live and try to enter a party or playing in a game it usually does not let us connect to each other, however neither of us have a problem being in partys or games with other people and if it is a party set up by someone else and they have sent us invites we can then enter and speak to each other.
i once deleted his as my friend then restarted my 360, unplugged everything then loaded back up, added him and then for a while it worked but recently it has started happening again and this method was not sucessful
He has issues with keeping his internet connection and it frequently drops, not sure if these two could be linked
does anyone have any idea why we cannot connect?


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It's generally due to a NAT issue, if you have a middle party with an OPEN NAT then everyone can normally join fine, but two people with STRICT NAT are almost guaranteed to never be able to connect.

Run the Xbox Live test from the system settings blade. If it tells you there is an issue and it is STRICT NAT report back.

The Bass

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I have the same problem with one of my friends who also has a bad connection.
We've fixed it every time by him signing out and retrying.
I don't know why it's just with the people on his friends list though as he can play public matches fine.
Edit: I know that my NAT is open but I'll have to get him to try his.
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I have this problem with a guy on my friends list. We usually plays FIFA clubs together, the way we get round it at the mo is have another guy host a party and invite us both in. It is bloody annoying though.

On which part of the Xbox Settings do I go to to find out if my NAT is open or not? I've had a look but can't find it. I remember it used to show it quite obviously, but since NXE I haven't been able to find it!


afaik you cant check your nat anymore just says xbox live connected and up and running it only happens to me when i jump into a game of halo or gears2
resetting your router sometimes works

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