Connecting to a PJ and a monitor (along with a PC)


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I have just bought a PS3 and want to connect it to my Projector and to my PC monitor. At the same time I also want the PC connected to both too (although can do the PJ as a secondary display) through the maximum resolution possible (1650x1080).... My monitor has one VGA in and one DVI in. I'd like to avoid any analog connections if possible.

I have an AV Amp that takes in 4 HDMIs and outputs 1 HDMI. At the moment
I can get the PC and the PS3 to feed the PJ via the amp which is fine. However I'd also really like to feed the monitor with both too. My understanding is that if I split the signal from the amp using a splitter will I be able to achieve 1650x1080? Or is the amp / hdmi cable limited to 1080 / 720 ...etc.

The other way I can think of doing it is via a splitter to split the signal from the PS3 and then a switch to take in the signal from the PS3 and the PC. If I did this then would it work? Are DVI splitters HDCP compliant or does the PS3 need to be in order to play games at max resolution?

Am I overcomplicating things?


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