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Connecting to a multi room system

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by lutek lobster, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. lutek lobster

    lutek lobster

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    Aaargh. I splashed out on a once in a lifetime Philips LCD (3 scarts, DVDI etc) but now have hopeless sky digibox (panasonic) reception and middling dvd (sony dav s300) reception. The answer is cables, i hear you say, but how ?

    My situation is further complicated by the fact that when my house was rebuilt last year, the alarm guy hardwired a system into the house which enables me to watch sky or dvd in any room, taking the feed from my living room. BUT this appears to require me to use a scart splitter, and two other splitters (I think) etc. That how it is set up anyhows.

    Oh, and more thing, I live in Poland, so getting meaningful A/V help here is impossible given the lack of a large A/V community, not to mention the language.

    I actually have pictures of the inputs/outputs on my equipment which I would put into this thread if I knew how, to help you help me...but below is a desription of the inputs/outputs, other than the tv.

    Can you help me ?

    Basically, the digibox has:
    two scarts (RGB? I don't know);
    audio out (left and right)
    RF 1 out
    RF 2 out (9V DC 75mA Max)
    Aerial In

    The Sony DVD home cinema has:
    NO scart (!)
    Aerial in
    A Video 1 section (plug holes: video in/out; audio in/out left and right)
    A Video 2 section (plug holes: video in; audio in left and right)
    Monitor section (plug hole: video; S video (DVD only)
    Woofer out

    I need to be able to link the above to the TVb as well as provide feeds to the cables for the rest of the house. I am not concerned about the quality in other rooms as the other tv we have is bog standard and the reception is currently okay, it's only the LCD which shows the significant visual flaws from the current wiring.

    I hope I've given someone a good laugh with my ignorance! But can you help me understand the flows of the cables I should have and then what cables should I get? I don't want to spend a lot more but know that the cheap scart cables I currently have don't cut it.

    Any responses greatly welcome, and I will make a donation to dec.org.uk in thanks.
    Lutek lobster (red with shame!) :lease: :lease:

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