Connecting the video signal up (DVD->Receiver->TV) ?



Hi All,

My Sony receiver is on its way so am looking at getting all the necessary cables together.

My equipment will be:

DVD player
6 speakers and a sub.

Now I have all the audio sorted out, so no worries there. However, I'm tryng to figure out what video cables I'll need.

The DVD has a SCART out that can do "Video" or "RGB". I currently have this connected to SCART socket on the TV labelled AV1. When playing DVDs I set the DVD to "RGB" and select the "RGB" channel on the TV (Sony, it has AV1, AV2, RGB, YC1, (front panel, AV3,YC2). RGB gives the best picture.

The TV has two inputs, both SCARTs labelled AV1 and AV2 and the front panel has composite, S-video and two audio)

The receiver I'm awaiting is the Sony STR-VA555ES.

The audio side is sorted, digital coax between the output on the DVD to the input on the receiver.

However, to get the on-screen menus from the receiver, you obviously need to hook up the receiver to the TV on the video side of things.

This is where it gets a little vauge as I don't have the receiver yet, and hence don't have the manual yet. I've looked on the Sony-Club site and they only have the manual in non-English language versions. I downloaded the Danish version and it doesn't seem clear from the pictures how to do this anyway.

I'm looking at this picture of the back of the receiver and see various video inputs/outputs. There are no SCARTs, so some how, I'm going to have to go from the DVD to the receiver to the TV using the connections I have on the back of the receiver.

As I said the only video type connections I have on the DVD are SCART and same on the TV.

How do I hook it up ? What cables do I need and where is a good source of these cables in the UK ?

Thanks in advance.





Does the DVD have any other outs (like S Svideo).

I have a similiar setup only using a Denon receiver, and I have the DVD -> TV with RGB and then DVD->Receiver via S Video and Receiver to TV via S Vid. The DVD player outputs on both connections at a time.

This means rare times I want onscreen display and DVD (ie. configuring system with Avia Home cinema disc) I switch to the S Video in on the TV and for normal viewing use RGB input.

Not sure if this helps but good luck. As for where to buy I use, and can't recommend them highly enough



Thanks Dave,

That makes perfect sense so I gave it a try. Yep, the DVD player does send to SCART as well as to S-Video and the Composite Video out all at the same time.

So I have DVD -> TV using RGB SCART and DVD -> Receiver -> TV using a composite throughout.

Works a treat, I switch to RGB on the TV for watching DVDs and switch to AV2 (which is a scart -> composite cable plugged in TV) to get the on screen menus.



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