Connecting surround speakers to TV by RCA?


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I have a couple of surround speakers that I would like to connect to my lcd tv.

These speakers were from my old sony crt dolby prologic tv and they are wired positive and negative and have a small 2 pin adapter to connect to that sony tv which is incompatible with my new tv.

My current tv has rca/phono output (L & R) and wondering if I can wire these speakers to RCA plugs??

Im thinking that the plugs will have to incorporate + and - terminals so I can just screw the wires in.

Anyone done this before? Or does anyone know if the plugs Im looking for are available?


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I doubt it would work and may even cause damage to the TV and the speakers. The RCA output from the TV requires amplification AFAIK. Why do you want to connect these speakers? Is the sound from the TV lacking? If so, I would suggest buying a dedicated surround sound setup or connecting the TV's output to a hi-fi amp or midi system and using that as to be honest, I can't see how connecting up 2 external speakers to a TV would improve the sound.

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