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First off hi to all.
I have searched but not found the answer.

I have gained an Sherwood R-925rds fromm a mate who has upgraded his system.

The amp has only one output for a subwoofer, the sub a Gale 3070 has to inputs one marked L the other R.

So how do i connect to the sub from the amp, do i split the cable i have bought ( Cambridge Audio Interconnect ) and just connect to say the L or the R, or do i have to buy a splitter so that both can be used.

Thanks in advance.


Ian J

One end will go into the sub output socket on the amp and the other end of the cable will go into either the left or right socket of the subwoofer.

You can buy a Y piece to connect to the sub end of the cable so that a signal is presented to both inputs on the sub but it isn't necessary.

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