Connecting sub to stereo amp - is Yamaha contradicting itself?


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Hello friends!
Yamaha got me confused... I have AS-1000 amp and YST-SW1500 subwoofer. I'm looking for the best way to connect these two.
First I've read the subwoofer manual and it states I can connect it via speaker terminals (I think I've heard somewhere, PS audio maybe, that this is the best way):

From Yamaha as-1000 manual:

Ok, all fine, then I read this in my AS-1000 manual:


Isn't this contradictory information?

What would be the best way to connect sub in my situation?
Also, sub is currently connected to my Marantz SR6013 AVR via single mono cable to LFE input. I guess there isn't a way to use single sub with surround AVR and stereo AMP since AS-1000 manual also states that with MAIN IN (e.g. HT bypass) there is no output to PRE OUT, headphone jack etc...

For clarity I'll add the back of my units:




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I have read of some instances where the amp manufacturers don't recommend speaker connections to sub due to the way the amp is designed. To be on the safe side connect from the pre out on the amp (or sub out on an AV amp), that's how I used to have mine.


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My BK sub allows both High level (speaker output from Amp) and Low level / LFE but warns that Amps with Class D should not be connected to High level. In your case I would stick to Sub connected to AVR only.

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