Connecting Sub to Stereo Amp and AVR

David Alexander

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Hi, I would like to connect my active sub to both my Stereo Amp and my AVR.

I have a Beresford 7210 switch which enabling me to use the Front L + R speakers with either amp.

The Stereo Amp has R + L pre-outs
The AVR has LFE output.

The Sub (XTZ 12.17 edge) has a variety of inputs, but I am looking at the R + L RCA inputs (L for LFE while L + E are sum)

Thinking about using the R + L pre-outs of the Stereo Amp directly into the sub, with a splitter joining the left pre-out line to the AVR LFE output.

So when the stereo is in use the Sub is getting input from both the pre-outs as the Stereo intends, and when the AVR is in use the sub is getting the LFE input to the L RCA input.

Wii this work OK? It means running one more cable out to the sub but then I shouldn't have to keep switching cables. Although I will still have to mess about with the gain and crossover settings.


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what are your stereo amp and avr ? you may be lucky and have some sort of HT bypass / pre outs you can make use of.

David Alexander

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The AVR is an Onkyo TX-NR696. The Stereo Amp is an old Azur 640a V2 with L + R pre-outs, which is how the manual says to connect with an active sub. No HT bypass, hence the Beresford switch.

David Alexander

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Will the connections above work? Or is there a saner approach for connecting a sub to both integrated amp with pre outs and an AVR without having two swap out cables at the sub end each time?

Ta :)

David Alexander

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I had a reply from Beresford that, for the Intergrated Amp output, I could piggy back off the speaker outputs of the switch. But I'm assuming that this would require High Level inputs on the subwoofer?


My sub (an XTZ 12.17 Edge) has Line In LFE & Unbalanced RCA inputs (R+L) In and XLR Balanced In inputs(see picture)


Is there a way of connecting the speaker outputs of the 7210 into any of these inputs or is this a 'bad idea'?

The other way I can see to connect is to use the L+R pre-outs of the Cambridge amp (as recommended) that I have and plugging these into the L+R line input of the Sub for connecting to the Cambridge Integrated Amp (Twin RCA to Twin RCA) - (As in picture below)


And run a separate RCA - RCA cable for the sub out to the designated Left line in connection on the subwoofer (which is how the sub is presently connected to the AVR). But this would still entail some plugging and unplugging of cables at the sub end as well as multiple cable runs to the sub from Amp and AVR.

As mentioned in my original post, I was thinking about using an RCA splitter from one of the RCA cables at the level of the Cambridge Amp and AVR so that the left RCA was shared between AMP and AVR. So, when the Stereo Amp was on, the Sub would get input from both of the stereo amp inputs and hopefully no interference from the AVR as it will be switched off. When the AVR is in use the LFE signal would go from it to the left line input of the subwoofer.
This would mean on less cable run and no plugging and unplugging cables at the subwoofer end.

Does this make sense?

Advice appreciated :)


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Hi, i am looking at doing the same.
I have a Denon AVR and a Cyrus one HD powering the front speakers.
The SVS SB 3000 only has a LFE connection unlike my XLS 400 which also has a high level connection which went to the front speakers.
I was thinking of splitting the second LFE on the sub and sending it to the pre out on the Cyrus.
Would this work or would with both connected or would i need to unplug one for stereo use.

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