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Jan 6, 2009
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Can I connect a speaker system (with its own power source) to my TV using the headphone socket or is there a chance I could break one or both of them? I've checked the manual and it doesn't say (it's a Sharp Aquos LC19D1EBK).
Because the manual describes it as a headphone socket and makes no mention whatsoever of using it for external speakers. I've never bought any before so I just wanted to make sure it was OK.
it would be better to connect it using phono's.......if your tv doesnt have phono out, then get a scart to phono....
The quality of the sound would be better or it would be better in terms of safety to connect via phono?
Always a can of worms, and afraid I don't have much time.

But a pre-amplified signal from a phono output would provide the signal required for "powered" speakers.

A Headphone port is an amplified output, albeit mulliamps, the "powered" speakers will be re-amplifying an already amplified signal.

The trick is to find a balance between the volume at the headphone port and the volume at the speakers to prevent any distortion in the signal/sound.

50% headphone volume would be the max I would feed to the input of a powered system, but give it a go, see what happens.
I ran my old TV for years with the Headphone Jack plugged into my stereo. So, no problems at all doing that.

So, you can connect the headphone out to the input of a amp, whether the amp is stand alone or built-in to the speaker.

But you can't expect to directly run unpowered speakers from the headphone jack. That simply won't work. Not that it would cause damage, there just wouldn't be enough power.

So, yes, you can connect an amp input to the headphone jack.

Sound quality will be fine; no compromises.

Several years on from this post, I am also using a headphone jack to an rca out splitter. Sound appears OK to me, loads of bass, etc. I tried going through an external Dac from the TV optic output but found no discernible difference in sound quality. No doubt if I spent a few £Ks I might but the headphone out to my Musical Fidelity amp and forward to a pair of B & W CM8s seems fine to me.

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