Connecting Sony VW11 to PC


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Jan 5, 2002
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I've got the Sony VW 11 connected via component to an Arcam DV27, but can I connect my PC via VGA to this projector also?

My PC has S-Video, so I could use that, but would I get a higher resolution via component input?
Yep, connect it via VGA. You'll need a VGA/RCA cable IIRC (don't think the 11HT has a VGA D-sub connector).

Powerstrip will be required for the custom resolution - 1366x768. Timings for the HS10/12HT should work OK on your 11HT.


BTW, forget about s-video from your PC - will look dire.
Thanks. It's RCA only - Do you know if I'll need all 5 connections or will the 3 (like the Arcam) be OK?

Can you recommend a supplier?

you will need all 5 RCA connectors on the Sony for a PC.
You need to use both of the sync sockets, the black and white ones next to the red, green, and blue sockets.
PM me if you need more info.
dont know what they are called but i have the same projector and have priced them up at maplins before, they are about £22 for everything you need, just go into Maplins and explain what your after and they will sort you out
I've got the BNC to RCA adapter from Maplins to use with a VGA/Component cable and extension. Total cost was £17.

My Radeon 9800 Pro has dual output - can I use Powerstrip to configure the second port to VW11 native resolution?

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